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Integrating Body and Mind for Strength, Flexibility, and Balance


What are the benefits of training at Momentum Fitness Studio?

Everyone can gain from a stronger, more balanced body! We design programs to meet your health and fitness goals. Optimum results develop from regular practice of two or three times per week, whether in a private, group, class, or home setting. Our certified instructors can help you determine the best plan to get the most out of your exercise program.

Those who train at Momentum Fitness Studio include working professionals who want to use their time efficiently to reduce stress and keep fit, people rehabilitating from injury or surgery, athletes cross training, Pilates teachers and movement educators expanding their skills, and older adults who want to strengthen their muscles and bones and improve joint mobility and flexibility.

Some of the benefits you will experience include:

  • • Enhanced strength, flexibility, stamina, and coordination
  • • Improved balance
  • • Stress reduction
  • • Improved concentration
  • • Improved body awareness
  • • Recovery from injury or surgery
  • • Improved postural alignment
  • • Improved athletic performance
  • • Enhanced self-confidence and positive outlook